Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive. Isaiah 52:2

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Dare to BravelyRise

The mission of BravelyRise is to engage, equip, and empower women to discover their true identity & bravely RISE up to fulfill their purpose. 

The power of the story is one that has been documented throughout the course of history and has the power to transcend cultural, geographical, and racial barriers. However, in this age, women struggle to find a place to develop, understand, and then gain power from their own stories. Too often as women, we are locked in by ideas and lies that the world has told us about ourselves. BravelyRise is interested in reclaiming transparency, not as a tool to flaunt but as a tool to be used in freedom. We do this by bravely sharing our stories and in turn teaching other young women the power of their own stories. We will push away the lies of the world and embrace the truth of whom God says we are.  In doing this we seek to work in partnership with Jesus to heal and empower women across the city, the country, and the world.



Engage. Equip. Empower.



Our model starts with the BRAVELYRISE retreats. Over the course of 3 days, a cohort of twelve women will come together for an immersive writing, healing, and releasing experience. Each day will contain Lie to Truth sessions designed to help women confront the lies that have been spoken over them and release them to take on their true identity in Christ. Over the course of the 3 days, women will also produce an original essay that may be submitted to our yearly publication: BravelyRise, the Anthology.

River Boathouse
Smiling Woman


Speakers are women who are committed and ready to share their stories with other women. During the first stage of each session, speakers will share their powerful stories of breaking free from the lie that attempted to trap them. Speakers are the first to show their bravery and model for the cohort the power and value of sharing their lies and their truth.


The second part of our sessions includes diving into thought provoking discussions on identity, purpose, pain and truth. The cohort is broken up into smaller groups with discussion leaders and led deeper into examining their lives through the lens of Jesus. This stage is essential in preparation for the writing stage.

Women Holding Hands
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The final stage of the session includes helping women to release their story through writing an essay about a specific lie they are leaving behind and the truth that they are now carrying. Women are guided through this process throughout the sessions from brainstorming to the final stages of editing.



"Three days of none stop truth, honesty and love. Three days of seeing inside the heart of other women, three days of realizing we are not alone and that this isn't the end of a beautiful story, it's the beginning. There will be so many other women holding pens to paper, there will be new stories and new friendships and how good is our God that we were given the chance to create the foundation."

Crystal Santana


“RISE was three days of allowing myself to be vulnerable and begin a healing process. It was realizing I am not alone on this journey, that I have sisters that can walk alongside me while on this journey. Though our stories might be different the pain that we all experience is the same. All the pain and every frustration I had been carrying around with me, I finally found a place where I could leave it. My pain and my past does not define me.”

Natasha Douglas


"Never had I delved so deep into the impact the lies of the enemy had in my life, but more than that, never had I shared the vivid details with anyone. The power of these sessions is nothing short of God's hand. It is a chain breaking move of God and I can not wait to see the impact our fearless women will soon begin to make as we pour out into the next generation and beyond."

Bernice Alvarez


"There is something special about coming together as God-fearing women. There is something painful, yet so beautiful about being vulnerable for the Glory of God. By opening up, God exposed things I didn't know were there and I'm grateful RISE was the vehicle He used to accomplish this. Sharing my story during RISE's first cohort began a healing process that I was not expecting to leave with. I went into RISE with expectations of seeing its impact on the other women in the room... I left with that and so much more. I now see the value in sisterhood. I realized how essential it is to do this walk with people who constantly lift each other up."

Natalia Ramirez


"RISE has been such a blessing. God put me in a place where I was allowed to be vulnerable, where I was allowed to be human and just let me emotions flow freely. By being obedient and sharing these painful, not so pretty weaknesses, came strength.  He blessed me with courage, boldness, and most importantly family. A sisterhood that I know I can trust, fall back on and call at any moment and can count on. It has been a stepping stone that has helped, and continues to help, me continue walking confidently towards my calling."

Steph Jimenez


 "Rise was a huge memorable experience! To be around such beautiful women who are all striving to continue their walk in faith was such a blessing. I signed up for Rise knowing that I was in for some spiritual awakening but I didn't think I was going to be capable of digging as deep as I did. What I loved about the retreat was that even though I didn't know these women that well, by the second cohort I felt like they all were my sisters. To be able to shed tears and be vulnerable around strangers, yet still feel safe and loved is something truly special. I think what was challenging for me was confronting all of the things I've been trying to avoid, and allowing God to finally heal me. But by the end of it all I felt so free! This is something I believe all women should partake in at some point of their lives. Rise was a reminder that I am strong, intelligent, worthy, beautiful and most importantly chosen!"

Cynthia Williams