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The informal idea for Bravely RISE came in 2015 when a former student approached Founder, Maxine Higgins and asked her to speak for a Women's Empowerment Week at her college. This began the process of identifying the lies that had been spoken over her own life. She did not know it then but it would lay the groundwork for what would later become BravelyRISE. 

A year later, she would be approached by the Founder of Pass the Rock, Erik Olson with an enormous opportunity. He felt that God had put it in his heart that Pass the Rock have a women's branch. 

After much prayer and several meetings, Pass the Rock and RISE began a partnership. It was revealed to Maxine that RISE was to be a space where women would come to shed the lies that have been spoken over them and pick up instead their true identity in Christ Jesus. 

After two years of planning, writing, and growing BravelyRISE would officially launch in April of 2017.


Currently, Bravely RISE is building a foundation in NJ/NY/PA/DE/MD area. The opportunity for partnerships with schools, organizations and non-profits have been growing and we are excited to work with them for the purpose of helping women step into who they were called to be. 

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