At BravelyRISE, we believe that there’s a place for faith in everyone’s life and that in fact it should be the foundation on which we build. Our belief in Jesus Christ helps us to love and extend grace to others. It is through our faith that our circumstances did not overpower us. We believe in the resiliency and strength of women. 

We believe in empowering women through biblically supported affirmations. 

We believe in removing the self-help ideology and moving towards a reliance on God. 

We believe that you will be free.

We celebrate God-Centered faithfulness over worldly success.

We believe in the purposeful creation of women as equals but different in function than males.


We believe in abandoning the "I can do anything I want" mentality for the healthier and fuller "I can do anything God calls me to do through His strength and grace."

We believe in supporting women to get rid of the "I gotta do me" attitude and take on the fulfilling, "I want to do God's will" attitude. 

We believe in God's unfailing and unending grace and that through his righteousness we have the promise of restoration.