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Team RiseUp's Story Map

We are Sarah, Gabbie and Laura from the RiseUp group in the Writing and Community Engagement class at Northeastern University. We are partnering with BravelyRise this semester to help tell the stories of the amazing women in this organization. We were honored to meet Maxine earlier this semester during class, where she shared the story behind its inception. Our purpose is to create a video that honors and celebrates the women of BravelyRise. We hope it will help others gain a holistic understanding of what the organization does, the women of each cohort, and how to get involved.

We were honored to learn more about two of the women in BravelyRise, including what is important to their story and how their journey intersects with BravelyRise. We created a visual representation of what they chose to share with us by pinpointing locations that are emotionally, physically and spiritually important to their journey.

Thank you for reading! The following link will take you to the Story Map. We are so excited to be partnering with BravelyRise and look forward to learning even more from this organization and the women in it!

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