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Weekend Retreats and Sponsorships!

Anytime I step into the next stage something I face a bit of fear and anxiety. But I know the calling that God has given me and it is time that we move to next phase of BravelyRise. We are not finished yet.

We are moving into new territory as we move into getting a weekend retreat house in Lancaster, PA. This means that the program will actually take place over the course of one weekend as opposed to 3 separate weeks. This is going to open up the program to so many more women and I am excited. However this does bump up the cost of the program so for the first time ever, I am attempting to fundraise for the cost of the program so that the women won't have to bear the entire cost.

I'm asking for your help in three key areas:

1) Spread the Word BravelyRise: We would like to get women signed up for the October Cohort. You can direct them to the website to sign up: BravelyRise. Also if you haven't had a chance to go through the program yet because of timing or resources, consider signing up for this one!

2) Consider Donating: Any amount (seriously any amount!) will help us lower the cost of running the program: renting the house, food, drinks and materials. You can sponsor using the donate link.

3) Encourage Others to Donate: Share our Gofundme page with others. The more people that see it the faster we can book the house!

Thank you so much for your support and if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out!

With So Much Love,


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