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Team BravelyYou: The Creation Process

Hello everyone! Team BravelyYou here! We're super excited to share an update of our progress with interviewing and creating our video, with the help of our amazing cohort members - Alexis, Angie, and Maria Teresa!

We are so excited to be reaching out to our cohort again, and we couldn't be more happy and thankful that our cohort took time out of their insanely busy schedules to meet with us and have us interview them, through Skype, and share more of their journey with BravelyRise.

Through the magic of technology, we were able to record the screen and an additional angle from over-the-shoulder to give the audience a more professional feel to the video.

After interviewing all three of the women, we complied all the interview footage, and edited a rough draft of the video through Adobe Premiere. Besides the interview footage itself, we have also used a lot of beautiful B-roll footage from around Boston, New York, and New Jersey, as the two former states are a big part of the cohort's lives. In addition to the B roll footage, we have images and stills from the BravelyRise Instagram page - go follow them --> @bravelyrise

As this semester is coming to a close, we're in the last steps of finalizing our project, and we can't wait to share with you all the final product!

We hope you enjoyed reading our update, and we can't wait to write to you all soon!

Much love,

Team BravelyYou

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