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Storyboarding, Editing and the Work of Team RiseUp’s Video!

Team RiseUp is very excited to share an update on our project!

After collecting interview footage during the last part of our project and collecting feedback from the women we interviewed, we were very excited to move on to the video editing stage! After reading the book Digital Storytelling in class, we learned more about the storyboarding process. We laid out the order of our video, layering audio with stills and B-roll. We also created a story arc which outlines the beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion of a story. We used this template to map out the different aspects of our video. Both the story boarding process in post-it notes and the story arc can be seen in the images below (which also gives you insight into our ideas for the final video!).

Using the video editing program Adobe Premiere, we were able to isolate audio from our interviews with Kim, Monique, and Stephanie. There were so many wonderful quotes from the women that it was hard to decide which ones we wanted to include in the video! We uploaded all our B-roll from NY and Boston, and decided on some of our favorite clips. We particularly loved shots of a church in Boston, which complements the women’s relationships with their faith. We began to pair the audio clips and the B-roll shots, as well as with still images, in Premiere. We are still learning the program, but are very pleased with our rough cut!

We look forward to getting more feedback from Maxine, Monique, Stephanie, and Kim as well as from our classmates and professor. This process has been extremely rewarding, and we are incredibly honored to be sharing the stories of these incredible women and BravelyRise as an organization!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our final video--it’s coming very soon!

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