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Take the First Step

There have been many moments along my journey when I have felt so lost. While I was able to carry a “brave” face, inside I was terrified. I lacked vision and had no hope of being able to find my way. It felt like being trapped in a forest. No map, no compass, no survival skills. I remember the anxiety of that time. Though things were dire in the spot I was camping out in, the fear of the unknown kept me glued to a place that I honestly knew wouldn’t help me- a place that if I let it, would kill me. Camping out in chaos is costly. The truth is that there was help. There was someone who had a map, a compass and someone who could teach me how to not only to survive but to live and thrive as I took the first step. But I couldn’t discern then that God was calling out to me. He wasn’t telling me to run off blindly; He was just asking me to take the first step. His love, grace and strength would meet me there. He would show me the rest of the way, but only after I took that first step. Bravely Rise is meant to be just that. A first step, a critical step in breaking free from whatever lie was spoken over you. It’s not asking you to run blindly into a thick forest and to leave everything behind, but to take a step- maybe even your first, out of the chaos of the forest. It will help you to confront the lie, put it in its place and set you up for your very next step. ~Maxine Roca (Founder of BravelyRise) 

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