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Team BravelyYou

Hello everyone!

We are Noor, Karl, and Dara - team BravelyYou - students from Northeastern University, partnering with BravelyRise to share the stories of three women that have participated in this amazing program led by Maxine Roca.

Our goal is to produce a video that can be used to inform the general public of the great organization that is BravelyRise, while bringing to light the stories of the women who are brave enough to share their stories. We have joined with 3 women - Angie, Alexis, and Maria Teresa - to find out more about their incredible journeys. We reached out to them so we could learn more about them, and we loved meeting them so much, we created "Mood Boards" for each of them! The intention of these boards were to have them encompass Angie, Alexis, and Maria Teresa so much, it's as if the mere act of viewing them would be like meeting them yourselves.

 Team BravelyYou cannot wait to talk with them more, as well as working closely with BravelyRise.

So without further ado, we would like you all to meet Angie, Alexis, and Maria Teresa!

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