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Team RiseUp's Interview and Filming Process!

Team RiseUp is very excited to share an update on our project! We have completed our interviews with Maxine and three incredible women of BravelyRise, Stephanie, Monique and Kim. We are so honored to get to know these women as well as listen to their stories. Our interviewees graciously gave time out of their schedules to meet with us over a digital platform called Zoom, where we were able to record the interviews. We are looking forward to combing through all of the footage in the next steps of our project, creating our first draft to share with the women and embarking on a collaborative process to develop a final video. After completing this step of the project, we want to say thank you for opening up to us! We are truly honored to be a part of sharing your story.

After our interviews and seeing where our conversations with the women went, we have decided that the aim of this video will not be about recalling details of the past but instead focused on the future and their growth. We specifically want to focus on their relationship with God and what writing, community and sisterhood mean to them. We were so touched to listen to the goals, hopes, and dreams they all have, so we would like to share them with everyone who sees the video.

One of our teammates was able to go to New York City and meet up with one of the women who participated in BravelyRise, Stephanie! We’re glad they were able to get to know each other on a more personal level and spend meaningful time together. We are looking forward to the next steps in our video project. We have collected some B-roll film throughout Boston and New York. Filming was an incredibly fun experience and we enjoyed seeing the city through a new lens. Next, we will use a video editing platform called Adobe Premiere to hopefully create a video that encompasses the incredible women and work of BravelyRise.

Thank you for reading!

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